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Founded in 1999, LaChapell Audio is a manufacturer of boutique recording and processing equipment. The 992EG flagship tube mic preamp, the first 500 series tube mic preamps, the first 500 series tube direct box, the first and only 500 series modules with TrueTube, and now True48 prove LaChapell’s dedication to innovative technologies that have practical real world applications. 

Lachapell Audio is a brand of Digital Audio Labs Inc and is manufactured, sold, and supported from their headquarters in Chanhassen, Minnesota. 

"When we first became aware of LaChapell Audio and its line of microphone preamplifiers we immediately requested a sample to see if it lived up to the performance demands required of our ribbon microphones. When our sample arrived our first impression was what an incredible sounding preamplifier this was. Our engineers were further impressed with the build quality and workmanship of the LaChapell preamplifier prompting me to engage the creators to compliment and endorse the brand. A friendship and creative interaction soon developed. To say the least we have high regard for LaChapell Audio."

Rick Perotta

Royer Labs

Audio technician
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